DLG Research is a full service Hispanic marketing research firm that aids clients with the creation of effective marketing strategies and tactics by providing insightful research, robust results, and keen insights; yielding to actionable conclusions.

Insightful Research

With a creative research approach and analytical thinking, no stone goes unturned, and no possibility is overlooked.

Actionable Results

With a combined 40 years of experience, we strive to provide consumer research that contributes to your business.

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Qualitative Research

Focus Groups



Cognitive Interviews

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Quantitative Research

Online Surveys

Telephone Interviews

Awareness and Usage Studies

Perception Analyzer

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We have research and planning experience in the following industries:

• Banking and Financial Services
• Groceries and Retail
• Money Transfer
• Automotive
• Quick Service and Casual Dining

• Beer and Spirits
• Medical and Pharmaceutical
• Package Goods
• Personal Care
• Airline Travel
• Candies / Confectioneries

• Entertainment
• Non-Alcoholic Beverages
• Insurance
• Social Issues and Non Profit
• Construction Industry

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To establish long-term business partnerships.

Business partnerships are based on accountability, delivery, and trust.

DLG will build this long-term relationship by:

DLG partners are knowledgeable and committed to spearheading the plan of action, every step of the way.
We take pride in delivering actionable solutions that can impact and grow your business.
We work tirelessly to ensure new target goals are met in a timely manner.