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Our qualitative capabilities extend beyond a collection of “sound bites”, into a rich cultural connection with the consumer.

DLG will pair up objectives with the methodology that best addresses them, creating an effective research design that maximizes learnings as well as budgets.

  • Traditional Focus Groups
  • One-on-One IDI’s
  • Triads
  • In-Home interviews
  • Consumer Parties
  • Cognitive Interview
  • Ethnographies
  • Maxi Groups
  • Mini Groups
  • Shop-Alongs

Creativity in research is expressed trough the effective use of probing techniques that scrutinize the underlying motivations, beliefs, attitudes, or feelings regarding the issue of concern. 


  • Laddering
  • Hidden Issue Questioning
  • Symbolic analysis
  • Projective Techniques
    • Association
    • Completion
    • Construction
    • Expressive / Role Playing
    • Metaphor Elicitation